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Bonnie’s artistic process begins with sculpting realistic figures in clay.  She then photographs them and digitally combines them with 

photographs she has taken of nature.  The resulting black and white photographic composites retain the dimensional quality of her sculptures with an added sensuality and ethereal presence.  


Bonnie’s artwork is in numerous private collections which include many commissions.  She is the recipient of several distinguished 

honors including a monetary award for “Born Free” at the Monmouth Museum.  This exhibition was juried by Marion Grzesiak, Executive Director of the Visual Art Center of NJ.  She received an Honorable Mention for “Born Free” at Exhibitions without Walls. She was also in the final round with “Immersed in  Nature.”  She has won two top awards for “Her Story” from Manhattan Arts International.  One was 

for The Featured Artist Award.  The other was also from Manhattan Arts International for Special Recognition Art Award from Karen 

Gutfreund , an artist and curator.  Gutfreund stated, “Bonnie Kamhi’s work is visually arresting.  It stopped me in my tracks to delve in and 

explore further.  The work is gorgeous and lush, but now knowing her process I am even more intrigued and mesmerized.  She is truly unique in her practice. On the website, “The Healing Power of Art & Artists, Bonnie won the Award of Excellence.  Bonnie also won an award for 

Artistic Innovation for “Reflecting” from The Guild of Creative Art in New Jersey.  


Bonnie has taught classes in figurative clay.  She is a member of the National Sculpture Society, Allied Artists of America, Inc. and The Guild 

of Creative Art.  Atlanta Photography Group.  Manhattan Arts International, Belmar Art Council. 

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